Learn To Love It 0.0.5


Learn To Love it is a free anime sex game where you are playing as a young boy whos having trouble with his mother. Your about to get a new housemate as well. Your happy because your sick of living alone with your mother. Don’t get into trouble now!

This anime sex game is in it’s early development. A lot of it’s planned content is still missing and the anime porn game mechanics will change during the course of the development. This means that saves from older versions wont work, but I will add some easy skips to the new content so you don’t have to play all the old content as well. Back and forward buttons tend to bug the sex game out. Remember to save often.

Developer/Publisher: pepperparon
Censorship: No
Language: English
OS: Windows, Linux, MacOS
Version: 0.04
Genre:bimbofication, sissyfication, brainwashing, hypnosis, femdom, humiliation, transexual

From The Game:

Your name is James Shallow. You are about 167 cm height and weight about 84 kg. You have short brown hair. You are very proud of your blue eyes, pixie nose and cheek bones. Others often, from jealousy, like to tell you how you look like a girl, but you don’t let other peoples opinion bother you. You are living with your mother, Mary Doe. She raised you on her own. You sometimes ask about your father her answer is always the same. ‘You are too young to understand.’ You have this a recurring dream that your father is a secret agent, and he’s not allowed to have family that’s why he had to leave you two and maybe some day he comes back and takes you with him to one of he’s secret missions.

Daydreaming is big part of your life at least ever since your old teacher had to retire and was replaced with new. Miss Stella. She is absolute stunner with her long legs and supermodel body. Her satin blouse and short skirt leaves little to imagination. She has caught you daydreaming in class multiple time. If only she knew who you were daydreaming of. You don’t have that many friends. Garry is your bestie. He’s like a gentle giant. Outside he may look intimidating, but once you get to know him you understand just how soft he is from the inside and the best part, he is just as much of a geek as you are.

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