Favorite Teacher


In this free anime sex game you take the role of the Biology teacher. You recently graduated from college and you just applied for a new job. You still have some of that college wild in you so now you will do whatever it takes to corrupt and seduce other teachers, students and other people around you. You try your best to get into the panties of the teachers you work with, your students, and even your new neighbors. As you keep progressing in fulfilling your desires you’ll soon become the favorite teacher for everyone. This anime sex game is really cool, hope everyone enjoys it! Leave a comment and rate the sex game below. All you think about in this game is sex, and the one girl you want to fuck is trying her best to refuse your advances, but can she really?

From the anime sex game:

Finally! It was a long trip, but I’ve made it to the Principal’s office. I hope there will be no problems in our meeting. I’d like to start working here as soon as possible.

The door opens with barely a sound to reveal an attractive, young, brown-haired woman. I think we’ll get along well enough. Hopefully I can start working with her on a more personal level.

Clara Scott – Ah! Hello! I assume you are the board’s new hire. I heard your phone interview was impressive. I hope you don’t mind me asking a few extra questions to make sure you’re a good fit.

Just the one phone interview? I’m sure she’s well aware of the layers of bureaucracy one must delve through to get to this point. But hey, what’s another few questions?

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