Dark Desires


This is a story where you can impact other people lives. You can befriend, or enslave people around you. It’s your choice! Game features some gender role changes but NOT for your character. Your father married again with the white woman, but then he died. Now you’ll decide what to do with your family – make it more friendly or become enemies.

Dark Desires what a sex game! – Your father married a white woman, and soon after, he died. The rest of your family is falling further and further apart from each other. Do you have what it takes to bring your family back together? You can change the gender roles of the characters in this game, but you can’t for yourself. Will you continue in your father’s footsteps and be the head of the family? Will the family fall apart and be only a shell of what it once was? Your father is looking down at you, and it’s your job to make sure he’s happy.

Version: .008

Developer: perma123

OS: Windows Linex Mac

Language: English

Added new orientation quest as an introduction for new character Marissa (Kyler Quinn)
There are 2 “neutral” endings currently, once I implement the trust path, there will 3 more neutral endings plus a path
Added brother training quest part 2
Added brother cosplay
Fixed some visual issues and bugsv0.0.7
– Removed real-time time progression
– Added new saves menu to make saving not a hassle
– Fixed tooltips not showing up
– Added spacing to actions, splitting them in categories
– Added college, which will be the way you get introduced to the next character to serve as the MCs “main” girlfriendv0.0.6
New content for Claire, completing her first story Added Tik Tok app to the phone for some fun : ) Added patreon link to phone (Thanks bigeiffel for the inspiration)! Images of characters now change the more corrupt they become Fixes for the general saving issues that would persist across versions, new versions should not typically break old saves anymore This should also fixes generic issues where out of context options were shown, or garbled ones Fix will work going forward, so every save is once again broken

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