Babe Quest


A funny HTML porn game with real porn pics and gifs. Step into a world populated by twisted characters with ridiculous sexual fantasies. Babe Quest takes a satirical view on traditional HTML porn games – if you have not played other ‘Twine’ games you may have trouble understanding the humor. Almost all games on this site are developed with the Twine game engine, so go ahead and play something else if you’re new here.

Babe Quest – You wake up to discover that you’re living in a simulated world. Everything you see is an illusion, and that includes your life. The world, as you know it is changing, and it starts to become unfamiliar to you. Soon, you are going to lose touch with reality. How are you going to stay sane while everything around you changes? Everything as you knew it isn’t going to be the same, and it will make you question the world that you live in.

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From the anime sex game:

You’re in your room. It’s a pretty alright you guess. There’s a bed, a computer, a window, all the usual stuff. You really don’t have anything to complain about all things considered. You guess the bed could be a just a bit bigger, but you really have to straighten out before that becomes a problem. And you know, if we’re being honest, a jackass like you really is lucky he has a room at all. Like, seriously, what if you had been born in Saudi Arabia or something. There’s probably people who sleep in the dirt everyday, and they’d kill to have a room like you do. Do you honestly believe that somebody with your degree of privilege has any business complaining about the size of their bed? No, of course not! God damn it! That’s it, that’s the last straw. From now on, you’re only gonna say good things about your room. Because when it really comes down to it, you like your mediocre bed and your mediocre window. And if those bougie fucks you met at the cheesecake factory think that they can convince you that you’ve got something to be ashamed of they’ve got another thing coming. Where do they get off, anyways? Pretending like that new vegan diet of theirs somehow justifies their-…”

Updated to version 0.5 on August 10th 2021

Change Log:

~12.5k words!
-6 new girls to fuck
-Added Downtown! Here you’ll find Morpheus’ Pad, the Strip Club, Bar, and more!
-New content at the Library, Cafe, Hospital, and Bank.
-First Art Sex Scene. I wonder who it could be?
-New Fetish Sex Scene: Yandere
-Fleshed out the world a little bit with some flavor text, hangouts, and homeless people.
-Chivalry, Love, and Defeat
-And much, much more!

~8k words!
-8 new girls to fuck
-Completed the Police Station, hunt down wanted criminals around town to receive rewards.
-Added the Computer Lab and an accompanying scene.
-New Girl Scout Scene
-The game’s first fetish content (impregnation). Be sure to visit your PC to toggle the fetishes you do a do not want to see in game.
-Fixed a glitch preventing content in the South Side from triggering properly.
-Some Commissioned Art (what?)
-A Threesome?!
-And much much more.

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