Arcanum Hotel


Hotel Arcanum is a 2d, story-driven adventure porn game about transgenerational Holocaust trauma that merges real historical facts and a dream-like magical world together. Arriving home after years of being abroad, the 28 year old protagonist realizes that his idealized, perfect family is full of hidden stories and secret memories that still seriously affect all their lives. The free sex game will allow players to explore the challengingly interconnected family tale told in a hand-drawn art style on pc porn game.

You play as a young man who receives an old beat up hotel as part of your inheritance from a great grand parent.
You take on the responsibility of restoring the hotel back to its glory days.​

In terms of gameplay, Hotel Arcanum is a mixture of a dialogue-focused narrative games and deduction focused games. Players need to acquire and use various pieces of information in order to dig deeper in the story. All the text-based elements, such as dialogue bubbles, item descriptions, can be saved into the protagonist’s mind in order to infuse them as thoughts into other dialogues and thoughts.

Release Date: 2020-02-19
Developer: Sin-X F95zone
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

1.) Reworked the introduction, added some help pages.
1.1) Reworked self maintenance system into buff system.
1.2) Added hotel upgrade system.2.) Added 5 new Charaters
Foyer – Staff Member – 2 Options
Option 1 – Content Level = Very Little
Option 2 – Content Level = MediumRec Room – Staff Member – 2 Options
Option 1 – Content Level = Medium
Option 2 – Content Level = MediumPremium Room 1
Content Level = Medium3.) Added Dreams.
3.1) Dream assets are not final, I had to make some from scratch as the internet failed me 4.) Added GameOver Loan System

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