Resurrection Bloom


Resurrection Bloom

Resurrection Bloom is an anime sex game about accidentally confessing your CRUSH and also your KINK and now you have to go on a DATE! This is a very well-done anime sex game. The gameplay is fun and interesting and the creator really took his time with the graphics.

Control Callie and Ruka as they flirt their way through a puzzle-platforming environment in search of a Resurrection Bloom, a magical flower that will let them safely engage in crazy kink shenanigans. 

Rated 18+ for sexual themes. This anime sex contains inflation, macro/micro, and I guess, um, vore. I mean… if you want!!! This was made during February 2018 for Strawberry Jam 2. People were reporting some game-breaking bugs, so I uploaded a patch that should fix the major issues that would prevent people from completing the game.

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