Dong of Hearts


Here we have a free anime sex game inspired by a popular video game series, Dong of Hearts takes you on an adventure across many different cartoon lands! When his tropical island land was taken over by an evil force called the Black Mass, our protagonist discovers he possesses the power of the DONG OF HEARTS and must travel the different lands pleasing the different Princesses of Pleasure in order to fight back the evil and save the world! This is an adult +18 story involving sexual situations and pornographic imagery. This is intended to be a parody. All characters featured are 18+. This anime sex game will be completely free when complete!

Your home island is attacked by a black mass and these unknown black female creatures pop up. You have the dong of hearts, so only you can stop the black mass and fuck the black creatures to defeat them. On the way, you’ll meet many warriors and fuck them as well. You’ll fuck one of the warriors you just met, just because you can.

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