A Date With Earth Chan


Wow, I love this anime sex game! The gameplay in great along with stunning sexy anime graphics. This is a short anime sex game where you will be able to bang a sexy hentai babe. The weather outside is great and everyone is happy in this little hentai world. Make sure to pay attention in this anime sex game and pick the right answers. The point is to try and seduce this sexy hentai girl and get laid. Good luck!

From The Creator:

Finally, my second game is here!
I’ve gathered all the feedback you guys have been giving me and applied it into this small game. These are some of the new features you will find:
– Animated H-scenes!
– Save/Load features.
– High quality sounds.
– Polished writing.
– An overall step up in quality!
I’ve put tons of effort on this project, so let me know what you think!

Also, a lot of you complained about the patron-exclusive content my first game had, and to be honest, I’m not a big fan of premium content either, so this game has none of it! You can enjoy it at its fullest without paying a dollar.

If you want me to make more games like this, consider supporting me at:
(Supporters will also have some cool rewards, like the full-screen HD version of the game, Photoshop and After Effects files, etc.!)

Relax and enjoy!


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