Imperium Sex Game


I’m glad I stumbled upon this porn game! Imperium is a text-based adventure porn game with real porn pics and video, developed by SuperDooper. This game is a remake of the original game by Slone, expanding on the storyline.

The story is set in a contemporary world in which success is valued above all else. The young male protagonist, suffering from lack of luck in life and consequent social rejection, comes across a stone with magical powers. Armed with this stone and the desire to chase his dreams and desires, he finds himself in charge of controlling and corrupting the world around him.

In the text-based story sex game, you’ve been rejected by society and are viewed as an outcast. No one seems to understand that you’re a human being with thoughts and feelings. All of that changes once you find a stone that has tremendous powers. The stone gives you the magical ability to change what people think of you. How will you react when everyone thinks you’re the coolest guy ever? Try not to lose it when you start to get all kinds of pussy while having the sex you’ve always dreamed of.

Updated to version 0.6 on July 25th, 2021.
To make the game work on the mobile web we had to rewrite filenames for many of the images and videos.
In case you find any images or videos that are still broken we’d appreciate if you can paste the filename in the comment section. (tap and hold down on a broken image)

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