Enslaved By An Evil Witch


This html5 anime sex game is a story of an arrogant aristocrat who had a bad run-in with an evil sexy with. This arrogant person who gravely offended a powerful evil witch was transformed into a girl, and forced to serve as her maid.‚Äč This is a pretty interesting plot for an anime sex game. Enjoy! Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

DeveloperDahakma TFGameSite
OSWindows, Mac, Linux, Android

From the Game:

It was absolutely awesome to be a rich aristocrat! My house was respected but not important enough to attract any unwanted attention and was always smart enough to stay away from court intrigues, backstabbing, and power struggles. Instead of those futile shenanigans my uncle – may he rest in peacefully focused on managing his estate and business ventures and when he died he bequeathed me more money than I would be able to squander in several lifetimes. But I tried my best! Like just now: It was after midnight but carousing was in full swing. I was drunk and happy and had no idea that my life is about to be very dramatically forever changed! I was about to propose a toast with a goblet of the most expensive elvish blue wine when a wasted blunderbuss shoved into me and made me spill my drink all over my extremely precious vest made of white unicorn hide and totally destroyed it! I already knew there is no way to clean the wine from it and the knowledge that another of those magnificent beasts died pointlessly was breaking my heart. I was about to give that maladroit asshole a piece of my mind. I turned around and I realized it was just some klutzy wench! And quite cute. I mean, under normal circumstances she would be under my level but as I said, it was not my first cup of wine.


  • few more bugs fixed


  • Yolanda’s quest finished
  • minor improvements to clothes
  • many bugs fixed


  • fixed major bug which caused triggering the evening event twice but displayed it to the player only once (resulting in possible skipping of events)
  • fixed a few minor bugs and typos


  • sabbath
  • troubles with the mayor
  • more content with Vesna
  • introducing Valerie and Yolanda
  • second master Farrow’s visit, Adriane needs another advice
  • giving blowjobs for money
  • more customisable furniture

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