Dignity and Desire


Welcome to Dignity and Desire!

A few things first.

The protagonist in this adult sex game is female and you (hopefully) will endeavor to guide her through the happenings of her tough life.

The game itself combines written story segments with an open world full of opportunities and choices to be made.

Many thanks to all who play this game it makes the time spent working on it worthwhile! Extra thanks to anyone who decides to support this free adult sex game and me on Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/trimcat

You (a young woman) find yourself for the first time alone in the world with nobody to rely on.

You had stayed with your uncle for three years after the untimely death of your mother. This however came to an end when you were kicked out. Your uncle was not a kind man. With you now being old enough to work and support yourself he thought it a good time to kick you out. With only a handful of cash, your mother left for you and the bare essentials you look for a new beginning in the city of London.

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