College Daze


In this college sex game, you play as a first-year student, and all of a sudden you notice that you have some special power to alter reality. How lucky are you? With your sexy magical powers, you can do anything you like in this college sex game and make some girls like you or deal with any obstacles in your way. However, be careful because you’re not the only one with such powers. Watch your back and try your best!

College Daze is a well-written role-playing college sex game adventure with real porn pics and video. The male protagonist is a freshman at college who, after discovering a strange ability to alter reality, shapes the world to his personal preferences (and fetishes). The plot can take many different directions based on your decisions. Use your powers wisely!

There are hours of gameplay and visual content to be enjoyed. If you do reach the end of this free porn game then remember to come back later. We will update this sexy game at AnimeSex.Games as the developer brings new content. You can follow the developer here: Developer Patreon page.

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