A Spell For All


Press the green start button on the left side to begin the adventure sex game.

Your character

You can select here the name of your character, your gender as a male, female or futanari (fully functional hermaphrodite), and the avatar. The model you select for your avatar will affect some images used for your character in the adventure sex game. The images are not used often except at the top left of the screen.

General Adventure Sex Game Settings

These setting affect how the game plays out, and many can be changed during the course of the game. Open your phone and use the ‘Apps’ icon and here you can toggle on or off most of these settings unless otherwise noted.

Explicit Content: Unless selected images in the game are limited to R-rated images with nudity and non-explicit sex scenes. If selected the full hardcore images are also shown

Glenvale in the UK: The free porn game is either set in the United Kingdoms or in the United States. Some different images and some characters use completely different models between the settings. Terms like currency, legal terminology, and age of consent for drinking differ in these settings. All major elements of gameplay are otherwise unaffected. Cannot be changed after the start of the adventure sex game.

Riddles: At times in the game you will be asked to solve some riddles, passwords, or similar. If you choose you do not like them then you will never be asked these, your character will automatically solve them.

Rune Matching: When you learn spells a system to compare runic symbols/text will be used. Otherwise, a search and type system will be used.

Know Glenvale: The default is the town will be explored in gameplay, and areas opened up as you need to visit them. If you know the town well then you will at the start know all public/non-secret locations in the town. The gameplay is otherwise unaffected. Cannot be changed after the start of the text-based sex game.

Easier Mode: If selected you will gain mana faster to power spells and you will have the ability to undo some dire actions that would end the game without loading an earlier save game. Cannot be changed after the start of free sex game.

Erotic Mind Control Adventures are currently being built by FirstBorn and the Hynopics Collective.

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