56K Dail Up


Here we have an adult retro porn game that is about downloading porn. I love the concept. You sit down at a computer with a shitty internet connection and try to download porn. We all remember those days! I hope you guys enjoy this old-school porn game! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

How to play:

  • Play the minigames to load the image further
  • Choose between screens using number keys 1-4
  • Porn Minigame 1
    • Collect all the items within a time limit
    • Use WASD and Space to control
  • Porn Minigame 2
    • Rotate the pipes mith mouse click to create a path start to finish
  • Porn Minigame 3
    • Type words as they fall through the screen


Design and 3D: Mika Design: Henri K 2D Art:  Pinja Programming: Henri H

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