New You Salon


This is a great erotic porn game I came across. It was a boring afternoon after I got home from the office and someone sent me this game in my email. I was dumb enough to open it and waste like 45 minutes. I really enjoyed the game when I was supposed to be home relaxing after work! In this erotic porn game, you control a salon and the fates of your clients. This free porn game was inspired by some excellent other games such as Inner Bimbo. As usual, please leave a comment and let me know what you think of this anime sex game.

From the free porn game:

It seemed like any other spring Saturday. The sun was out. The birds were singing. But you were anything but happy. Your mother, Beth, had just called to say that she has late-stage cancer. It’s possible that she’ll still pull through, but she wants to talk to you about some things before her strength goes.

Talk to mother

You arrive at your mother’s house to find her lying in her bed with a variety of medical devices surrounding her. “Come closer, John. There’s something important I need to ask of you.”

“As you know, I’ve run the New U Salon since you were a young boy. It hasn’t been easy with the small staff and the two other bigger salons in the area. But I am immensely proud of the work done there and I want it to continue.” “So I need to ask you a favor. I am not going to be strong enough to run the salon – would you do it for me?”

You are surprised by the request. “You know I’d love to help, Mom, but I don’t know the first thing about salon work. I’d probably run the business into the ground in a few weeks.” “I seriously doubt that. You’ve worked as a business manager for the last decade – this isn’t that much different,” she said with a smile. “Besides, there are people to help you and some family secrets that can keep you competitive. Just say yes!” Sighing, you decide that there is no choice other than to help your mother. “Ok,” you agree. “Great! I’d recommend getting down to the salon as soon as possible to get familiar with the place. I’ll either call or email you later to give you some ideas of what to do!”

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