Chasing Tail 7729


Chasing Tails: A Promise in the Snow is a free Anime Sex Game that has awesome graphics!

Developer Notes: A heartwarming story with a bunch of funny moments and a pinch of horror to heroines available for romance ︎A free 18+ Adult Content DLC with professionally done, quality Voice Acting at launch! (ω*)Multiple ending various achievementsTrading cards – as soon as Steam allows us to add them!The cute protagonist.
A bit light-headed, and prone to building up conspiracy theories.
Was she always this way? And what’s her secret she’s trying to keep hidden? A young and promising future head of the clan that keeps the town going.
She is rich, she is beautiful… and she might be hiding something as well.
What’s her business with you? A mysterious fox-girl that may or may not be involved in June’s newly found misfortunes.
Should you teach her a lesson?

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